PRIVATE TOURS IN PLN=EU *PER PERSON*1 Person2People3 People4  People5 and 6 People7 & more People
Auschwitz and Birkenau450ZL=80EU225ZL=40EU157ZL=30EU125ZL=24EU100ZL=25EUContact Us
Wieliczka Salt Mine220ZL=44EU120ZL=22EU90ZL=16EU87ZL=13EU60ZL=12EUContact Us
Auschwitz II Camps & Salt Mine 1 day tour520ZL=102EU260ZL=51EU180ZL=35EU150ZL=36EU130ZL=31EUContact Us
Zakopane520ZL=110EU260ZL=55EU200ZL=47EU170ZL=38EU130ZL=35EU Contact Us
Wadowice – John Paul II300ZL=70EU150ZL=35EU120ZL=28EU100ZL=24EU90ZL=21EU Contact Us
Czestochowa – Black Madonna480ZL=112EU250ZL=59EU200ZL=47EU180ZL=42EU150ZL=35EU Contact Us
Ojcow National Park280ZL=66EU150ZL=35EU130ZL=30EU100ZL=24EU90ZL=21EU Contact Us
Kalwaria Zebrzydowska280ZL=66EU150ZL=35EU130ZL=30EU115ZL=27EU90ZL=21EU Contact Us
Zakopane & Wadowice JP II 1 day tour700ZL=163EU390ZL=91EU300ZL=70EU230ZL=54EU200ZL=47EU Contact Us
Auschwitz II Camps & Wadowice JPII 1 day tour460ZL=107EU240ZL=56EU180ZL=42EU150ZL=35EU130ZL=31EU Contact Us
Salt Mine & Wadowice JPII 1 day tour440ZL=103EU230ZL=54EU160ZL=38EU130ZL=31EU110ZL=26EU Contact Us
Częstochowa & Auschwitz II Camps 1 day tour740ZL=173EU380ZL=88EU310ZL=73EU260ZL=61EU220ZL=52EU Contact Us
Auschwitz II Camps directly from/to Airport350ZL=82EU185ZL=43EU135ZL=32EU110ZL=26EU100ZL=24EU Contact Us
Schindler’s Factory tour140ZL=33EU75ZL=18EU55ZL=13EU45ZL=11EU35ZL=8EU Contact Us
Schindler’s Factory and Salt Mine 1 Day tour320ZL=74EU160ZL=37EU110ZL=26EU85ZL=20EU65ZL=15EU Contact Us

Tours price includes:  Professional and licensed service, Hotel Pick Up and drop off, Transport to and from, Parking and fuel costs, insurance on passengers, Help with everything, Audio Info about History of Auschwitz Birkenau on the way there, Relaxed atmosphere if needed.

TRANSFERSin PLN=EU Price for a Car1 to 3 people4 people5 to 6 people7 & more people
Krakow Airport to Krakow100ZL=22EU100ZL=22EU130ZL=26EUContact Us
Katowice Airport to Krakow340ZL=80EU340ZL=80EU440ZL=103EUContact Us
Krakow Airport to Zakopane370ZL=89EU370ZL=89EU450ZL=107EUContact Us
Katowice Airport to Zakopane620ZL=147EU620ZL=147EU720ZL=171EU Contact Us
Zakopane to Krakow370ZL=89EU370ZL=89EU450ZL=107EU Contact Us
Wroclaw to Krakow700ZL=163EU760ZL=177EU840ZL=195EU Contact Us
Krakow Airport to Medyka 1300 PLN 1500 PLN 1600 PLN Contact Us
Balice to Medyka or Korczowa 1300 PLN 1500 PLN 1600 PLN Contact Us
Krakow Airport to Korczowa 1300 PLN 1500 PLN 1600 PLN Contact Us
Krakow to Warsaw900ZL=210EU920ZL=214EU1200ZL=280EU Contact Us
Krakow to Warsaw through Czestochowa1000ZL=240EU1100ZL=256EU1300ZL=303EUContact Us

Transfers price includes: Professional and licensed service, Hotel or Airport Pick Up, Transport to, Parking and fuel costs, insurance on passengers, Help with everything, Relaxed atmosphere if needed.

ENTERTAINMENT price per person in PLN=EU1 person2 people3 people4 to 6 people7 & more people
Skiing Snowboarding MTB450ZL=105EU225ZL=53EU160ZL=37EU Contact Us Contact Us
Go-karts170ZL=40EU90ZL=21EU70ZL=17EU Contact Us Contact Us
Rafting450ZL=105EU230ZL=54EU160ZL=38EU Contact Us Contact Us
Golf300ZL=70EU160ZL=38EU140ZL=33EU Contact Us Contact Us
Thermal Waters Bukowina Tatrzanska420ZL=98EU250ZL=59EU180ZL=42EU Contact Us Contact Us
Jurassic Park Zator480ZL=112EU250ZL=59EU200ZL=47EU Contact Us Contact Us
Automatic Guns Shooting Range Nr.2540ZL=126EU270ZL=63EU200ZL=47EU Contact Us Contact Us
Standard Guns Shooting Range Nr.1280ZL=65EU140ZL=33EU110ZL=26EU Contact Us Contact Us

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